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Unmrkd Woman

Every month we sit down with one of our muses to listen their story and achievements. We get to understand what inspires and drives them to keep going.

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UNMRKD WOMAN: Allysa Larson

By Danica Tamura Meet Allysa Larson, a San Diego based fashion blogger who you’ve probably alread...

UNMRKD WOMAN: Arleen Bejerano

This month we sat down with Arleen Bejerano, a professor at Chapman University (and dog mom to the sweetest pup, Poppy). Between growing up in Papua New Guinea, getting her PhD and living in New Zealand, Arleen has lived a lot of life. To learn more about her life and path to becoming a college professor, read below!

UNMRKD WOMAN: Faith Bowman

Meet Faith Bowman, a 25 year old California native who, by a stroke of luck, has found herself in the modeling industry in the midst of chasing her passion in the performing arts. We sat down with Faith over some vanilla lattes to talk about her journey to getting signed with Natural Models LA and how her upbringing has shaped her view of the world around her.