25 Ways to Overcome Your Quarter-life Crisis

At the age of twenty-five, you're most likely worried about a couple of things. Hell, who am I kidding, a lot of things. Here I've compiled a list of 25 ways you can conquer those doubts, fears, and anxieties we're all dealing with as we start our lives as "adults."

  1. Ask for help. 
    There will be so many ups and downs as you grow into your adult life. Having a solid support system from your family, friends, community is crucial while you're going through these changes. 
  2. Take strategic risks.
    In life. In your career. With your money. With yourself. With EVERYTHING.
  3. Don’t take life too seriously.
    Just because you're classified as an adult, doesn't mean you have to act like one always.
  4. Map out realistic goals you hope to accomplish.
    And don't forget to celebrate it.
    Building your future starts with savings. Spend and save strategically. Once you understand your long term goals, work towards to accomplish it.
  6. And investing.
    Figuring out a strategic way to build your portfolio in investments can create a solid foundation for your adult life. 
  7. Avoid toxic relationships.
    Understand your values and seek them out in the relationships you have with yourself and others. Because who the fuck has time for all that bs.
  8. Start tackling your debts.
    Most of us will be dealing with student loans. It's a harsh reality that we have to face, but putting it off will make it worse. Understand your debt and map out strategic ways to tackle it. 
  9. Find a hobby.
    Because life can’t just be about work.
  10. Make your home the home you want to come back to.
    Your home is your sanctuary. Make it yours and nobody else's.
  11. Enjoy your hustle and make financial gains.
    The journey you take as you build your career is important. But it's also important to see outcomes as a part of your hustle.
  12. Start fresh and clean out your wardrobe.
    Do you really need 10 pairs of denim shorts your ass hangs out of?
  13. Travel to unwind, relax, and explore.
    Not with the sole purpose to share and post on social media.
  14. Self help books actually help.
  15. Learn to enjoy cooking.
    Because let's be real, if we want to make financial gains, we will have to eat out less. 
  16. Try different foods.
    Why be boring when there are so many different foods to enjoy?
  17. Adopt an animal.
    Relationships come and go, but a puppy is with you forever. (Well at least for 10-12 years?) And let's be real, we need the emotional support.
  18. Move to a different neighborhood, city, country.
    Even if it's just 3 months. Force yourself to meet and understand different kinds of people and environment, which will ultimately help you grow into a better person.
  19. Reevaluate your career and ask yourself if it's time to move on.
    If you're still at the job you had when you first graduated college and you haven't felt challenged in awhile, it might be time to take on something new.
  20. Figure out what makes you feel confident.
    As you get older, you will start to understand what clothing best suits your body type, what kind of make up works best for your skin, etc. Once you have that figured out, you'll feel more powerful, more confident, and more in control.
  21. Accept your scars and flaws.
    Everyone has them and it's an important part of you. Embrace and learn from it. 
  22. Celebrate the milestones.
    It's the small victories that we often overlook that really matter.
  23. Cry it out. Talk it out. Scream it out. Just fucking get it OUT. 
    We all have doubts, fears, and anxieties. Let that shit out. 
  24. Take a solo trip.
    Something so simple might just bring some good.
  25. Believe and invest in yourself.
    Spend the time to care and grow. Because no one else will be doing the work for you.

There is no manual or book for dummies to help you navigate decisions you will be making as you grow into your adult life. You just kinda wing it and hope for the best.

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