Is Face Slugging A Thing?

By Samantha Behar
I’m not one to cling onto skincare trends solely for the fact that I had pretty bad acne from end of 5th grade to the end of senior year. I treat my skin like it’s my firstborn child now that it’s clear. (Thanks birth control!) So, against everything I believe in, when I stumbled upon the “face slugging trend” I was actually pretty intrigued and thought it would be fun to try. Face slugging is basically putting vaseline or aquaphor all over your face overnight to wake up with baby soft and bouncy skin. This at-home treatment is a “knock off” of the trendy facials people were getting with ACTUAL SLUGS. So, ~for the art~ I decided that I would try it and tell you all about it...


I went through my normal nighttime skincare routine which involves Paula’s Choice cleanser, toner, and night treatment, but stopped at putting on my spot treatment because it’s supposed to dry out your skin which is counteractive to literally putting vaseline on. I’m a little hesitant because I don’t want this to clog my pores but if I wake up with Beyoncé skin then hey catch me doing this one night a week. (Actually speaking of Beyoncé, apparently she puts vaseline on her lashes every night to make them nice so slather that shit on!) I got a quarter sized amount of Vaseline and quickly realized that it was way too much because a little goes a very long way. I put some on my lashes and brows then tried to wash it off my hands which was pretty tough so I’m already scared to wash it off tomorrow morning.


I didn’t realize that his stuff smells like it has a slight kerosene scent? Which makes sense because it’s petroleum but it goes away after a few minutes. It also feels like there is warm blubber on my face. Lifeguards use this all over their bodies in the mornings when the water is really cold. (Random fact you literally did not need, but here we are!) I recommend putting a towel on your pillow and try super hard to sleep on your back because Vaseline is a bitch to wash out. 

Morning After

The first thing I noticed in the mirror was some of the Vaseline soaked in because I looked a little less greasy. The second thing I noticed was that this is probably going to be a bitch to take off my face too. 
For that I used a paper towel soaked in water actually, then did the rest of my morning routine. I didn’t want to wash it off with a washcloth because I figured paper towels were easier?? Whatever, I was half asleep and it got the job done. The last thing I noticed was that my eyelids were super swollen so putting vaseline on MY lashes is cancelled. 


Notice how I said nothing about my skin?? Exactly. This little process did next to nothing for me. My skin had a hint of glow but it might be because I didn’t wash it all off correctly. This routine might need to be done more than once but I was under the impression that my life would change overnight. All it caused were big doll eyes from the swelling, other than that, nothing magical happened. Not that impressed but won’t do any further research because again, I am scared to put anything but Paula’s Choice on my face. 
Face slugging is definitely not a thing.

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