Sustainable Fashion: 1 Fast Fashion: 0

By Sam Behar

In honor of some pretty cool things happening in the Unmrkd world, here is a lesson on something we are constantly working on, sustainability. I’m sure you’ve heard all about why our planet is in trouble and what we need to do to help it. Your brain probably has words like “reusable” or maybe “zero-waste” etched in it. 

Every move you make can be sustainable, of course it might be hard to break some habits but it also is very easy to be mindful of the little things. In everyday life, there are things you can do to be sustainable. Some ways include using public transportation more often, buying locally sourced groceries, or using tupperware instead of plastic wrap, but have you ever thought about what sustainability looks like in a closet?

Sustainable fashion is a movement that promotes more mindful and eco-conscious ways to produce, buy and wear clothing. To counter that, the fast fashion industry is entirely the opposite. It could take a celebrity’s outfit from one night and listed it on their website the next morning due to their fast working factories.

Now more than ever, you can see the cons that fast fashion has on the environment: sweatshops, poor working conditions for employees, factories letting out harmful materials, and more. Sustainable fashion is more of a thought-out concept from the material they make the item from, what it looks like, to where it is sold. You will notice that sustainable fashion brands create things that will last, not trendy things you wear for a couple of days. While sustainable choices might cost more, the contribution you make is priceless.

Speaking of sustainable fashion, here is a quick plug... Unmrkd Collection is all about doing what we can to help out this movement. We are based and sourced in Los Angeles, and have pieces that are timeless, classy, and effortless. Whether your vibe is cool girl or school girl, any piece will go a long way with you and last! 

We have also started to use compostable packaging. Our new packaging can be thrown into the compost along with food scraps and coffee grounds as it’s made from plants, not plastic. Even though this may not seem like a big deal, if every online order from every company was shipped in bags that could literally be used as fertilizer, there would be much less plastic produced and in places it shouldn’t be like the ocean or the ground. Now you can purchase something cute from Unmrkd while keeping the environment in mind! 

But the fight for the environment is far from being accomplished. We are still growing and learning about what we can do to help. Want to be a part of the conversation? Sign up for our newsletter or email us at

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