Vote Him Out

By Marrisa Tafoya

Last week while I dropped off my ballot at city hall, I spent some time reflecting on my journey and relationship with politics. To be completely honest with you, even though I voted in the 2016 election before this past year I hated politics. Growing up my parents never discussed politics around me and my public school did a horrible job of breaking down complex and confusing political jargon/terms, it was a completely intimidating sphere. This had left me pretty hopeless of ever feeling educated enough to vote on important local and federal propositions and political candidates. Those feelings grew for years, until I transferred to UC Santa Barbara and switched my major from Communication Studies to Sociology.

During that time, everything to start to click and I clearly understood the injustice, racism, and inequality that is deeply rooted in American politics and legislation. I took classes such as Social Movements, Crime and Delinquency,  and Globalization and Resistance that really opened my eyes to the reality of life outside of my own privileged bubble. I highly suggest taking any sociology class if you can relate to anything I have mentioned or if you are passionate about social activism/justice! That knowledge helped me make informed decisions for this years presidential election and local propositions and I am very grateful to all of my professors who have helped me get to this point.

I have grown to realize my hatred was stemmed from a very privileged and ignorant standpoint. While I still don’t love the current circumstances of American politics, I have learned the importance of voting for change and using my privilege to choose leaders who stand for social justice and progress, NOT regression. Some may be feeling discouraged by both presidential candidates and that is ok, but do your research to ensure you’re making an informed decision and vote on important local legislation that can help the community you live in! We can all do better to be more actively engaged to what’s going on in our society and being a part of movements for the long haul not just while it’s trending on social media. To help, I’ve curated some of my favorite lifestyle/fashion influencers who do an amazing job of using their platform to inform and educate their followers to keep important topics a part of your daily discussion and thoughts.

Stay informed.
Keep learning.
VOTE by November 3rd.


Kate Glavan (@kateglavan)

Jordan Santos (@jordanrisa)

Sophie Wood (@goodwoodx)

Chrissy Rutherford (chrissyford)

Jazmine Rogers (@thatcurlytop)

Martina Barrera-Hernandez (@first_fig)


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