Weird Tik Tok Hacks and Trends

By Sam Behar


Quarantine to me just means excessive amounts of time on Tik Tok. First I'm just trying to figure out how 14 year olds look older than most 20 year olds, second I just love hearing all the catchy songs, and third I have learned the most random things. From makeup tips, to clothing up-cycling hacks and of course, the dances. I’m here to test out the one of the weirdest things I’ve seen and that is the weight loss magic trick involving Vicks or any vapor rub and saran wrap. 


I’ve seen a few videos on this trend and they all say the same thing except the timeframe. First you want to get Vicks and saran wrap, then put the vicks on the targeted area. Most people do it to their waist or stomach area but I’ve seen someone do it on their double chin (which I will totally do if it works on my waist because your girl still has baby fat on her neck!) Then you wrap yourself like a burrito in the saran wrap. Videos have said to do it overnight, one said for an hour so I’m just going to do it until I get annoyed! Giving myself 3 hours tops. 


To add a method to the madness, this is supposed  to work because the menthol in the vapor rub combined with the tight wrapping makes you sweat a little more in that area so you are essentially losing water weight. I know this isn’t a long term thing, I just wanted to try it out of pure quarantine boredom. 


At 6:26pm I put everything on and went back to writing my essay. After ten minutes I started eating a few pieces of an apple and then quickly remembered that I was doing this experiment so I stopped eating it just so I didn’t mess up the results even more that I probably did already. 


After an hour I felt my stomach and it was super warm so I decided to keep it on for at least another hour. 


I decided to take it off right at 8:30 to go a full two hours. When I took it off, I wiped off the Vicks and only saw a slight difference. My stomach was warm so I could tell something happened but it was not as extreme as the results I saw on Tik Tok. My bloating went down a little and my stomach lines were a little more defined. I think I should have left it on for longer or overnight and then I would have seen greater results. So with that, I give this trend a B-... It works instantly but maybe do this overnight or just go in a steam room. Actually, just do the dang workout you might as well sweat the old fashioned way!


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