WTF Is Food Combining & Should We Be Doing It?

By Danica Tamura

Celery juice is old news because the newest health trend that has taken over the social media world is food combining. I myself do not jump on the train of health trends right away but as I started to see more and more influencers talk about food combining, I decided to take a closer look at it.  As someone who has been an athlete her whole life, it seemed like something worth checking out as I am always looking for new ways to stay fit.

This health trend that has taken over every girl’s YouTube channel and Instagram started, well, on YouTube (um hello red flag!). After watching videos on YouTube about peoples’ personal journeys with food combining, I wanted to check out the logistics and research behind this diet - only to find none.  There isn’t much scientific research done on this diet compared to its more well-known competitors (keto, plant-based, etc.).

Most information about this diet can be found in YouTube videos, which is where I learned the base rules of food combining. But to be transparent, this diet just seemed like a lot of work that I wasn’t down for.

Rules of Food Combining:

-Only eat fruit on an empty stomach (preferably morning)

-Don’t combine starches and proteins

-Don’t combine starches with acidic foods

-Don’t combine different types of proteins

-Only consume dairy on an empty stomach

-Protein should not be mixed with fat

-Sugar should only be eaten alone

-Fruits and vegetables should be eaten separately

The argument behind food combining is food that is digested at a faster rate should not be eaten with food that is digested at a slower rate. This discrepancy between the rate at which foods are digested can lead to bloating, aka every millenial woman’s nightmare. 

On a surface level, this does seem to make sense - eat fast digesting foods together and eat slow digesting foods together. But then go back to the rules listed above, that sounds like a trip on the hot mess express.  After doing more research, I found videos created by licensed dietitians and scientists that debunk this new fad diet (linked below).


Overall, food combining just seems like a new way for people to appear woke for trying a new diet when it really isn’t resulting in weight loss, which essentially is the end goal.  


So my advice? Eat the damn burger. 

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