Unmrkd Woman: Gemma Chua-Tran

Photos by @d.ajredin and @gemmachuatran

UNMRKD WOMAN: Tiereny Schiff

By Cailin Chien

Meet Tiereny, the Connecticut-born go getter and owner of Metier Essentials. Last week we chatted over Zoom about our mutual love for creating products, branding, and connecting with our customers. By following her gut and striding to her own beat, Tiereny found success in her small business. She recently reached 10K followers on Instagram and continues to grow everyday. As she begins attending college full-time, she learns about balancing her time being a student and a small business owner. Read below to find out her story and how she does it all! 

UNMRKD WOMAN: Allysa Larson

By Danica Tamura

Meet Allysa Larson, a San Diego based fashion blogger who you’ve probably already seen on Instagram (because she’s killing the game rn). We sat down with Allysa over some coffee to discuss all things Instagram, blogging, and her two passion projects Summer Buns and Pitch and Get Paid. To learn all the deets about the life of a fashion blogger and small business owner, read below!

UNMRKD WOMAN: Arleen Bejerano

By Danica Tamura

This month we sat down with Arleen Bejerano, a professor at Chapman University (and dog mom to the sweetest pup, Poppy). Between growing up in Papua New Guinea, getting her PhD and living in New Zealand, Arleen has lived a lot of life. 

To learn more about her life and path to becoming a college professor, read below!

UNMRKD WOMAN: Faith Bowman

By Danica Tamura

Meet Faith Bowman, a 25 year old California native who, by a stroke of luck, has found herself in the modeling industry in the midst of chasing her passion in the performing arts. We sat down with Faith over some vanilla lattes to talk about her journey to getting signed with Natural Models LA and how her upbringing has shaped her view of the world around her.

UNMRKD WOMAN: Luna Mariposa

Glitter, glowy, and glam encompass our newest muse, Luna. She is a 24 year old California native makeup artist that we have been so lucky to work with. Loren Gray, Karrueche Tran, Dove Cameron, and Carmella Rose are just a few clients she has done hair and makeup for.

UNMRKD WOMAN: Danielle Munns

Meet our newest muse, Danielle Munns.  She is a 23 year old Los Angeles native who has found her niche in the world of event planning.  Whether you are planning a birthday party, company party, or even a festival, Dani is your go to girl.