UNMRKD WOMAN: Danielle Munns

Meet our newest muse, Danielle Munns. She is a 23 year old Los Angeles native who has found her niche in the world of event planning.  Whether you are planning a birthday party, company party, or even a festival, Dani is your go to girl.  
We were so happy to have her (and her dog Boscoe) be the face of our very first capsule, in which she absolutely KILLED.  We met up with Dani over some oat milk lattes and discussed our Only Essentials collection she modeled, how she got into event planning, and more. For all the juicy deets, read below!

For readers who want to get to know you, can you give a little background on yourself?

I am a 23 year old actual Los Angeles native so I was actually born here, but I mostly grew up in San Diego and a little bit in Missouri.  I came back for college and have been here for 5 years now. I do freelance event planning so I basically throw parties for all my friends!  It’s fun, everything is always different.

Was event planning something you always wanted to do or did you just find yourself there?

I was kind of forced into it - a lot of my friends were like “Hey, I need help with this, can you do this for my event?”  I was always a go to person for organizing stuff. So if a friend needed something like a birthday party, I was probably going to plan it. And it just went up from there.  After that I ended up doing festivals as well and now I’m just doing freelance. I find myself to be less of a party goer and more of the party thrower.

Unmarked is based around having the perfect staple pieces for any wardrobe, how would you implement some of our pieces into your own style?

A lot of the stuff we shot that one day I think I really liked because they were unique pieces, but in the same way they were basics.  The pieces although basics are still really fun, so you can wear them in any situation.

What does “Unmarked” mean to you?

I love the concept of “Unmarked.” It’s something I’ve been dealing with a lot lately because when you go out in LA, the first thing a lot of people ask you is “What do you do?” because that’s important to them since in a way it’s like how can you service them?  So for me, I like to find the uniqueness in someone and what is different, not just who someone is because of what they do or what they’re wearing. For a label to based around this concept [of “unmarked”] is so important because we are so based around “Oh, you’re wearing that Gucci belt” or “You’re wearing that Supreme bag” so to be “unmarked” how important that is to put that out there instead of starting a conversation with “Where did you get that?”


Being based in LA, it is a pretty competitive area to live in not only professionally but socially as well, how do you stay original/true to yourself in a setting such as modern day LA?

Going back to the “Unmarked” question, I think it’s just trying to find the genuine parts of people.  So when you go out and meet people, ask the genuine questions, not just “What do you do?” or “What are you wearing?”.  Instead ask things like “What are your aspirations in life?” and instead of “What is your work?” ask “How is work going?”.  Go out with the intention of being genuine and positive. I’ve also started journaling and its probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.  So writing down not only what I want in life but also reflecting on myself. I also have been trying to switch my thoughts from negative alternatives to positive alternatives.  Instead of reflecting on a stressful day, I think, 

"Today might not have been the best but at least I got this done, and I got to talk to this person."

What is a staple piece of your wardrobe & why?

I have these mom jeans, they’re from Etsy. This girl in London made them.  They’re really cute mom jeans that have a zipper up the backside like the butt part. They have to be one of my staples because I can wear them literally anywhere - I’ve worn them to parties and I can wear them doing my daily errands.  I also think it is important to have a cute pair of heels. Like just basic, slim, not abrasive heel - I’m all for it.

Favorite way to style said piece?

My jeans, since they are high waisted, I usually like to wear with a crop top. I’ve been super into bandeau tops, they’re just super easy to throw on.  And the heels, I’ve been into wrap dresses recently and I didn’t think I was going to be into the wrap dress trend. I felt like they were so junior high, but the more I see them, the more I’m like “okay, we’re really doing this!”  So the heels probably with a wrap dress, but I do also love heels with mom jeans and a leather jacket and a white tee, it’s so cute and effortlessly chic.

First collection is named “Only Essentials”, what are 5 of your essentials (food, items, etc) to get you through the day?

Coffee, coffee with oat milk that’s really important.  I’ve been trying to replace a meal with a smoothie so probably a smoothie at some point in my day.  I definitely also need sunscreen. I just got into sunscreen and I don’t know what I was doing without it before.  I also always put on some kind of bronzer - so that is kind of just my basic makeup look. And probably sneakers. I always need to have sneakers in my car.  So to have a good pair of sneakers in case I need them to go anywhere is always an essential. I have the Converse x Tyler the Creator collaboration sneakers and I love them, they’re probably my favorite sneaker. They’re also really comfortable.  I also have these Chanel sneaker that I absolutely love - but those only get to come out on special occasions.


Fav piece to shoot/in general from “Only Essentials” collection & why?

There is actually a jumpsuit named after me, the Dani jumpsuit.  They’re 70’s and corduroy and blue and I think they have a cool stride to them.  I would wear it all the time.



Natural Makeup or Full Glam?
Girly or Edgy (style)?
A mixture of both
Fav TV Show/Movie(s)?
Handmaid’s Tale & Save the Last Dance/Incredibles
Girl Celeb Crush?
Guy Celeb Crush?
Idris Elba and Heath Ledger!
Guilty Pleasure?
Anything sweet!

Want to see more of Dani? You can find her on Instagram @danijazzman and on our website and Instagram (@unmarked_collection) in our Only Essentials collection available online now!

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